Who We Are

The Institute of Ancestral Ceremonies is a nonprofit church organization situated out of the USA. We are pioneering a holistic approach to spiritual development through traditional, ancestral ceremonies supported by modern therapeutic practices.

The Institute of Ancestral Ceremonies signifies the dawn of a new age. An age where old and new transformational practices are brought together for the betterment of mankind. The concept was born in the rainforest of Peru by founder Eva during a time of introspection. Her vision was simple; create a safe and accessible space for friends, family and community to experience the power of ancient, ancestral ceremonies honed and perfected over centuries by true experts who dedicated their lives to this over many generations. Providing the tools and support to integrate the transformations and healings gained from those ceremonies into day-to-day life aimed at fostering long-lasting results makes the Institute what it is today.

We are committed to the sustainable and ethical harvesting of earth medicines. We, therefore, actively support organizations dedicated to the preservation of the native habitats and indigenous guardians of these earth medicines.


We believe that earth medicines were manifested by Great Spirit in order for all humans, regardless of religion, race, sex, or gender, to facilitate community with the divine. We believe that the traditional sacramental use of earth medicines is an activity beneficial for the expansion of consciousness and spiritual development. You can access our entire statement of beliefs here.


Eva Evers

Managing Director

Eva dedicates her time to the expansion of the indigenous knowledge, taking care of our members and the team. She created this organization and dedicates with passion and gentleness to all the administration and organizational details as the managing director and founder. Eva is a serial entrepreneur, consultant and coach with over 20 years global experience.



Dan is best described as a generalist and enthusiast. He has assisted companies with marketing, strategy, operations, technology, content, and more. A life-long student of both the real and ethereal, he credits his personal transformation to ceremony and conscious integration. He is also a writer, a game developer, and a pisces.



Jessie is an attorney and mother dedicated to her own spiritual development and grateful to be of service to others in their journey and to share in a community of healing and growth. Jessie is an experienced start-up and non-profit operator who assists the Institute with operations, legal and strategy.



Sarah Hannah Howat is a certified life, addictions, and psychedelic preparation and integration coach, focusing primarily on forgiveness (of self and others) and liberation, with a focus on compassion and curiosity as the primary tools for self-healing.

Kyle Dow


Kyle is a group facilitator and certified transformational recovery and psycho-spiritual integration coach based out of Canada. He practices heart centred communication to support the healing process of our emotional and spiritual bodies.



Agder is a spiritual leader of the Singing Stone Church from Crestone, CO. He was introduced to the indigenous traditions at a young age by his father. He supports the institute with creating and maintaining good relationships with indigenous communities and spiritual leaders whilst ensuring respectful representation within the Institute.



Mark is an impact focused, visionary entrepreneur. He is the Founder of AllOneWealth, an impact & conscious investing firm which melds the worlds of capitalism and social responsibility. He is also Creator of Spiritual Narcissist, a sustainable, luxury streetwear brand. He is an advisor of several impact-oriented enterprises where he aligns founder's visions with profitable business practices.

Nikolai Sondergaard


Nikolai uniquely blends his background in business, innovation, and research with a deep reverence for ancestral traditions and practices. His experience in establishing companies, academic research, and engaging in global cultural exchanges has fueled his dedication to researching and supporting ancestral traditions and practices. He advocates for their integration into modern society while also preserving the wisdom of these traditions. His experience includes regional leadership positions, as well as founding and running several companies and organizations within the crypto, health, AI, and non-profit sectors.

Ursula Sefic


Ursula begun her spiritual quest 34 years ago in Slovenia when she started to participate in a Celtic/Navajo sweat lodge and working with medicinal herbs with her mother. The journey has guided her to Mexico where she began her healing work with biomagnetic therapies and herbal healings. She met her husband Francisco Barnett Morales who is a Haaco cama of Comcaac tribe in Punta Chueca 14 years ago and since then she started to learn from him and begun to facilitate the sacred Toad medicine and continue working with bio magnetic therapies. She is actively involved with the tribe and doing social support in all areas, including as president of the tribe's health committee.

Fernando Almada


For more than two decades, Fernando has dedicated himself to personal development and sustainability, guided by respect and compassion. On the sacred path of our ancestors, he discovered healing, awareness, and peace. As a coach, he shares these blessings with gratitude, seeking to create opportunities for more individuals to receive them.

Wikan Wakan Wie


Wikan Wakan Wie is a great-grandmother of the Lakota nation. She has been praying with the Native American Church all her life. Her late husband was a Roadman with whom she traveled throughout the USA and Canada. She is a medicine woman, sun dancer, and registered nurse.

Dayna West, PHD


Dayna holds a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and served as Staff Psychologist in the Department of Psychiatry at Children’s Hospital, Oakland, where she was also Assistant Director of Training. Upon realizing the limitations of existing tool kits for treating trauma, illness, anxiety and depression, she obtained a Certificate in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies and Research at the California School of Integral Studies (CIIS) in 2019. She subsequently completed certification programs with ketamine, cannabis and psilocybin (in The Netherlands). She was Associate Producer for last year’s TEDxMarin Salon on Psychedelic Science and is Executive Producer on a forthcoming documentary about the FDA clinical trials for MDMA-Assisted therapy for treatment-resistant PTSD.

Alfonso Morales Romero


A Comcaac hacocama from the teacher clan and a member of the council of elders of Comcaac Nation (Seri Tribe). He was prepared since childhood to assume responsibility of traditional medicine from his tribe such as plants, songs and Bufo Alvarius.