The famous Maria Sabina healer who brought magic mushrooms to the west in the 1950’s and ’60 came from this lineage. This tradition works with psilocybin mushrooms through healing techniques such as songs, prayers, and connection with the divine and, most of all, silence as a place of connecting with deep layers of the soul. They work with mushrooms in ceremonial settings, where they can commune with ancestors spirits and deities, sing, heal and pray.

The Mazatec people of southern Mexico have been using psychedelic mushrooms known as psilocybin in their religious ceremonies for centuries. The use of psilocybin is deeply rooted in their culture, and is believed to have healing and spiritual properties.

One of the most famous Mazatec shamans who gained global recognition for their use of psilocybin was Maria Sabina. She lived in the state of Oaxaca and was known for her role in introducing psilocybin to the Western world. Sabina’s ceremonies attracted many visitors seeking spiritual guidance and healing, including influential artists and thinkers such as Allen Ginsberg and Timothy Leary.

During a psilocybin ceremony, participants consume the mushrooms and are led by a curandero, a traditional healer who guides them through the experience. The ceremony is conducted in a darkened room, and often involves chanting, singing, and praying to honor their ancestors and connect with the spirits of the natural world. The curandero is responsible for interpreting the visions and insights that arise during the ceremony, and helping participants to integrate their experiences into their daily lives.

For the Mazatec people, the use of psilocybin is a sacred practice that helps individuals connect with their spiritual selves and the natural environment. It is a way to gain insight, overcome physical and emotional ailments, and honor their cultural heritage.

Maria Sabina’s contribution to introducing psilocybin to the Western world has helped to raise awareness and appreciation for the Mazatec culture and their use of psychedelic mushrooms in religious ceremonies. Her legacy continues to inspire those seeking spiritual growth and healing through the use of plant medicines.