Ursula Sefic

Ursula began her spiritual quest 34 years ago in Slovenia when she started to participate in a Celtic and Navajo sweat lodge, while also working with medicinal herbs alongside her mother. The journey has guided her to Mexico, where she began her healing work with biomagnetic therapies and herbal healing. Fourteen years ago, she met her husband Francisco Barnett Morales, who is a Haaco cama (medicine man) of the Comcaac (Seri) tribe in Sonora. Since then, she has started to learn from him and has begun to facilitate the sacred Toad medicine, while continuing to work with biomagnetic therapies. She is the president of the health committee of the tribe and is actively involved in many social support projects.

Events with Ursula Sefic

Bufo Alvarius Retreat - Colorado Springs
September 27 - 30, 2024

We will be staying in a beautiful, private property immersed in nature at the outskirts of Colorado Springs, CO. The center is an intimate place with lots of natural light and an open communal space. The ceremony will take place inside by the fire place surrounded by the majesty of the natural surroundings outside. Amenities include hot tub and lake access. WHAT TO EXPECT In the vast expanse of the Sonoran Desert, where ancient wisdom flows, resides the indigenous community of the Comcaac people, also known as the Seri tribe. Their spiritual practices are deeply rooted in their relationship with…