Wikan Wakan Wie

Wikan Wakan Wie is a great-grandmother of the Lakota nation. She has been praying with the Native American Church all her life. Her late husband was a Roadman with whom she traveled throughout the USA and Canada. She is a medicine woman, sun dancer, and registered nurse, RN.

Events with Wikan Wakan Wie

Women Peyote Retreat - Colorado
September 13 - 16, 2024

Our retreat center is nestled on 5 acres of aspen groves, towering evergreens, and picturesque rock outcrops. Situated in South Park County, Colorado, breathtaking views of the Mosquito Range peaks are visible from every vantage point. The center exudes intimacy with ample natural light and an open communal space. A spacious deck with seating provide space to gather with others or enjoy a quiet moment. Secluded seating spots tucked in around the property are a favorite for meditation and solace. The ceremony will take place indoors, by the fireplace, surrounded in the majestic beauty of the natural surroundings. . WHAT…