Marakame Don Venado

Don Venado is a renowned medicine man (Marakame) of the Wixarika (Huichol) nation in Mexico. The Wixarika people are the custodians of a thousand-year-old tradition centered around the sacred medicine Peyote (Hikuri). Don Venado works with this plant medicine and possesses the unique ability to transmute diseases and negative energies within the body into crystals that are subsequently expelled. He is not only a gifted medicine man but also a talented artist.

Events with Marakame Don Venado

Wirikuta Desert Excursion (Peyote)
March 8 - 14, 2024

You are invited to partake in an extraordinary excursion to the sacred land of the Wixarika people (Huichol), the Wirikuta desert. We are deeply honored to extend an invitation for you to join us for this excursion with our guide and medicine man (Marakame) Don Venado. Yearly, the Wixarika community embarks on a ten-day pilgrimage to this sacred destination, retracing the footsteps of their ancestors. There, they collect precious medicine and make offerings for the health of their businesses, family, water, fire, earth, and the entirety of existence. This unique opportunity will enable you to forge a deeper connection with…