Alfonso Morales Romero

A Comcaac hacocama from the teacher clan and a member of the council of elders of Comcaac Nation (Seri Tribe). He was prepared since childhood to assume responsibility of traditional medicine from his tribe such as plants, songs and Bufo Alvarius.

Events with Alfonso Morales Romero

Seri Culture Immersion Excursion (Bufo Alvarius)
November 11 - 15, 2024

Embark on a transformative 6-day spiritual journey with the Seri people, indigenous custodians of the ancient Sonoran Desert, and immerse yourself in their profound spiritual wisdom and culture that dates back thousands of years. This unique retreat offers an opportunity to connect deeply with nature, experience traditional and Bufo Alvarius ceremonies, and gain insights into the Seri way of life. Retreat Highlights: 1. Traditional Ceremonies and Rituals: Join revered elders and medicine people of the Seri tribe in powerful traditional ceremonies including the sacred sweat lodge, plant healing and Bufo Alvarius ceremonies. Experience the healing and transformative effects of these…