Hugo Esteban Perez

Mazatec mushroom ceremony facilitator with over 60 years experience. Hugo started working with Maria Sabina when he was 9 years old as her translator. He continued his studies with all the healers from Huatla, Mexico. 

Events with Hugo Esteban Perez

Mazatec Psilocybin Mushroom Retreat - Mexico
October 21 - 25, 2024

You are invited to participate in an intimate retreat that includes ceremonies in the ancient tradition of the Mazatec people of Oaxaca, Mexico. These ceremonies are profound spiritual undertakings that trace their origins back through generations. It became known worldwide in the 1950s and 60s through Maria Sabina, a medicine woman who first opened the ceremony of the holy children (mushrooms) to the world. Centuries of wisdom and reverence for the “holy children” have culminated in a sacred practice designed to facilitate deep introspection, spiritual healing, and cosmic communion. In addition to the two ceremonies, we offer a traditional sweat…