Spiritual Leaders

We are honored and blessed to be working under the guidance of these spiritual leaders.

Alfonso Morales Romero

A Comcaac hacocama from the teacher clan and a member of the council of elders of Comcaac Nation (Seri Tribe). He was prepared since childhood to assume responsibility of traditional medicine from his tribe such as plants, songs and Bufo Alvarius.

Hugo Esteban Perez

Hugo is a medicine man from Huautla de Jimenez, Mexico with over 60 years experience working with the Mazatec mushroom tradition. He started working with Maria Sabina when he was 9 years old as her translator. He continued his studies with many of the Mazatec elders. He was recognized by the Mexican government as a healer of this tradition.

Luis Miguel Lopez

A hacocama (medicine man) from the shark and mountain clan and a member of the Comcaac Nation (Seri Tribe) elder council. He was taught the medicine of plants, songs, spiritual healings and other ceremonies from his grandparents since he was a child.

Rea Beaubien

For 15 years, Rea facilitated ceremonies within the US and around the globe. She has led, co-led, and supported Vision Quest, Dream Dance, Bear Dance, Yuwipi, Half Moon Ceremonies, Purification lodges, Pipe Ceremonies, as well as several workshops. She has been supporting through song, prayer, presence, and as needed with various medicine people for approximately 20 years.

Rosa Barnet


Rene Amelia


Julia Amelia


Don Modesto Rivera

Modesto Rivera, a renowned medicine man (Marakme) of the Huicholles/Wixarika tribe from Mexico. His tribe has a thousands year old tradition with Peyote and he comes from an unbroken lineage of Marakames. He is not only a medicine man but also a gifted musician and artist. He was born and raised to follow the sacred path. He is a channel between the ancient and modern world helping in the transformation and healing of our planet, humanity and all our relations.