We are dedicated to creating a safe and sacred space where ancestral plant medicines can reveal their healing potential through traditional rituals and ceremonies guided by indigenous elder healers.

These extraordinary earth medicines are not just remedies; they are powerful initiators that unlock creativity, joy, and the innate capacity for spiritual healing within each of us.

Our retreats are comprehensive journeys designed for profound and holistic healing.

Visualize an experience where sound, movement, and community come together in harmony. It’s not merely about transformation; it’s about embracing and celebrating life in all its beauty.

These sacred earth medicines open the heart and our Elder leaders create a supportive environment for you to truly be yourself. Join us for a retreat that honors ancient traditions, builds meaningful connections, and nurtures your spirit.

We offer long weekend retreats in Colorado, USA, and immersive experiences in the native lands of the traditions we work with. Our long weekend retreats provide an accessible way to experience the power of traditional earth medicine ceremonies. These retreats include thorough preparation and integration support both before and after the ceremonies.

Additionally, we offer the opportunity to sit with an indigenous elder, who shares their wisdom and provides a chance to ask questions. A typical retreat includes these elements.

In the 4 weeks leading up to the retreat, we will virtually support you with your preparation.
• Private 1:1 coaching call focused on your intention, preparation and to answer any questions you may have
• Individual preparation activities 
• Group preparation call
A 4-day and 3-night retreat set in Colorado.
• Ceremony
• Indigenous elder wisdom sharing 
• Breathwork
• Group sharing circles
• Private 1:1 coaching
• Accommodation 
• Chef prepared locally sourced and organic meals
• Onsite medical staff
Post Retreat
We offer a 4 week integration period after your retreat to transition what you have learned into your day-to-day life.
• 2 x  group integration calls
• 1:1 coaching session
• Further integration coaching/support is available. Please contact us contact us to explore these offerings.
• One year's access to our membership benefits

We also offer opportunities to connect directly with traditions and medicines in their places of origin. There is something profoundly powerful and humbling about immersing yourself in the culture, connecting with the spirits of the land, and meeting the ancestral wisdom keepers in person. These traditions often encompass much more than earth medicine ceremonies; they possess vast knowledge of the natural world, the stars, the spirit world, and many other ceremonies. We offer the following immersive experiences that typically run between 5-7 days:

Wirikuta Desert, Mexico
Home to peyote cacti and their guardians, the Wixarika (Huichol) people. Their tradition dates back at least 6,000 years.

Sonora Desert, Mexico
This is the home of the Seri (Comcaac) people and the Bufo Alvarius. They arrived in this region some 3,000 years ago from Europe/Middle East and have a fascinating origin story.

Huautla de Jiménez, Mexico
Home of the Mazatec mushroom tradition, made famous by the healer Maria Sabina in the 1950s and 60s. This pre-Hispanic healing tradition was the predecessor of modern hospitals in this region.


It is not possible to guarantee what your ceremony will be like. However, here are some of the common experiences.

• Powerful Insights
• Mystical Experiences
• Letting go of suppressed thoughts and feelings
• Self-acceptance and compassion
• Overcoming of unhelpful thoughts and behavioural patterns
Personal Growth
• Reduced stress and worry
• Increased sense of wellbeing
• Greater connectivity with self and others
• Greater sense of purpose
• Renewed energy and focus