At the heart of our organization lies a profound commitment to reciprocity, a principle that guides our actions and intentions. We are deeply aware of the vital importance of giving back, acknowledging that we stand on the shoulders of generations past, who have meticulously safeguarded and shared the wisdom of earth medicines.
Our dedication is to the sustainable and ethical harvesting of earth medicines, preserving the native habitats the ancient knowledge and supporting the indigenous guardians of these sacred earth medicines. Through this dedication, we actively support indigenous communities and organizations that share our mission.

We embrace a vision of harmony—a world where ancestral knowledge and earth medicines are not just sustained but flourish. We invite you to join us in this vital journey, where every step we take is an expression of gratitude and reciprocity to the earth and its ancient wisdom bearers.


Any donations made here will be distributed over a number of different initiatives and some of it will be used to keep our organization going.

First Families Now is dedicated to providing vital necessities to children and families in geographically isolated, high need communities throughout the Lakota Pine Ridge Reservation, USA.


Comcaac (Seri)

  • provided financial support to local families in need
  • supported a community skill building project
  • humanitarian support

When the Mexican government declaration of health emergency because of COVID-19 outbreak happened, the roads to their communities were closed not allowing in tourists and closing their businesses leaving them without funds for gasoline. Fishing had completely stopped. Their entire economy had collapsed and if it were not enough, they were facing a season of severe drought. Food and water shortages reached a critical point. We raised money for their community and supported with providing essential supplies and medicines.

By attending a retreat with us you also support indigenous communities as a percentage of each donation will be used to support reciprocity projects and the indigenous medicine facilitators. During retreats you have the opportunity to buy local handcraft supporting the facilitator’s community.

If you know of any project, initiatives and organizations that are aligned to our mission that are worth supporting, please contact us on