• Colorado Spring - private room queen – $3,150.00
  • Colorado Springs 1 - queen - shared room – $2,250.00
  • Colorado Springs 1 - twin - shared room – $1,850.00
  • Colorado Springs 4 - queen - private room – $2,350.00
  • Colorado Springs 5 - double bed - shared room – $1,850.00
  • Colorado Springs 5 - double bed - shared room – $1,850.00
  • Colorado Springs 5 - single bed - shared room – $1,850.00
  • Colorado Springs 5 - single bed - shared room – $1,850.00
  • Colorado Springs 6 - queen - shared – $1,850.00
  • Colorado Springs 6 - queen bed - private – $3,150.00

Date & Time Details: September 13-16, 2024

Location: Colorado Springs

Contact: support@ancestralceremonies.org

Arrival: 7 pm

Departure : 10 am

Suggested Donation: $1850 - $3150

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Indigenous North-American Peyote Retreat – Colorado Springs

With Wikan Wakan Wie, Eva Evers and Sarah Howat

September 13 - 16, 2024

During this retreat, a Lakota medicine woman will share ancient wisdom, stories and ceremony that echo through the ages. These teachings will serve as a guiding light, leading us back to the essence of our being, reminding us of the profound connection we share with the universe.


We will be staying in a beautiful, private property immersed in nature at the outskirts of Colorado Springs, CO. The center is an intimate place with lots of natural light and an open communal space. The ceremony will take place inside by the fire place surrounded by the majesty of the natural surroundings outside. Amenities include hot tub and lake access.

At the heart of this retreat lies a traditional peyote medicine ceremony, a sacred space where intentions will be set to remember who we are. This ceremony is a gateway to our authentic selves, a profound exploration of the spirit within. Through ancient rituals, we will cleanse, heal, and reconnect with the natural rhythms that guide us.

The ceremony begins after sunset as we gather around a central fire. Throughout the night, sacred songs are shared, accompanied by the traditional water drum and rattle. We focus on the fire, seeking guidance and healing. The ceremony concludes at sunrise.


We take a holistic approach to optimal wellbeing and spiritual development designed to deepen your experience and to support with the integration of the transformations and healings gained into day-to-day life aimed at fostering long-lasting results. During the retreat, we use several modalities to enhance your experience, such as movement, breath work and meditation. To help you feel at your optimal best organic and locally sourced (where possible) meals are included during your stay with us.

Each participant will be assessed before entering the program through a compulsory application form and screening. Due to the powerful nature of these sacred ceremonies and the impact that others sharing the space can have, we limit this retreat to 10 selected people.


Our journey starts with a 4-week preparation period followed by the retreat and a 4-week integration period. This is what is included:

  • Private preparation call
  • Individual preparation activities
  • Group preparation call
  • Retreat: food, accommodation, private coaching session, preparation and integration activities and ceremony
  • Private integration call
  • Two group integration calls
  • 4-week integration support
Recognizing the varied experiences that peyote can bring, we acknowledge that it affects each person differently, with some reporting mind-altering and spiritual encounters, while others feel a deep connection with nature and themselves. Indigenous traditions have long used peyote for physical and emotional healing, as well as seeking guidance and support from the spiritual realm. Following ceremonies, people often report healings, emotional release, empowerment, and a renewed sense of purpose.
Peyote is a sacred plant medicine deeply intertwined with the cultural and spiritual practices of indigenous traditions in Mexico and North America. Through generations, indigenous communities have held peyote in a place of deep respect and honor. It is not simply a plant, but a sacred teacher, a conduit to the spiritual realm, and a source of profound healing and guidance. The ceremonies involving peyote are regarded as sacred acts that nurture spiritual growth, foster connection with nature, and promote communal unity.
By supporting indigenous cultures through our reciprocity efforts, we acknowledge and honor the relationship between them, the sacred medicine peyote and the outside world, striving to create a harmonious cycle that benefits all. We, also, support preservation projects for this sacred plant medicine.

We are honoured that you have chosen to take this journey with us, and we look forward to sharing this transformative experience with you.


Wikan Wakan Wie
Wikan Wakan Wie is a great-grandmother of the Lakota nation. She has been praying with the Native American Church all her life. Her late husband was a Roadman with whom she traveled throughout the USA and Canada. She is a medicine woman, sun dancer, and registered nurse, RN.
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Eva Evers
Eva dedicates her time to the expansion of the indigenous knowledge, taking care of our members and the team. She created this organization and dedicates with passion and gentleness to all the administration and organizational details as the managing director and founder. Eva is a coach and facilitator who has been working with clients all over the world for over 20 years. She trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and various individual and team 360-degree feedback tools. Eva is a certified psychospiritual and psychedelic integration coach, as well as a Gamma Breathwork, Reiki Level 2, and sound healing practitioner. She is…
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Sarah Howat
Sarah Hannah Howat is a certified life, addictions, and psychedelic preparation and integration coach, focusing primarily on forgiveness (of self and others) and liberation, with a focus on compassion and curiosity as the primary tools for self-healing.
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