Earth Medicines


No matter what you call them – entheogen, psychedelic, plant medicine, etc. – there is no dispute that consumption of these naturally occurring substances lead to intense experiences and often profound changes in a person’s life. Furthermore, many who work with them believe they are gateways to a spiritual realm which otherwise remains invisible to us. And through sacred tradition, those who choose to ingest them in ceremony come away believing the same.


Humans the world over have been consuming these entheogens ritualistically for countless generations, for growth, healing, and insight. It is only recently that modern science has been studying them more closely, and both the physical and mental health benefits are being documented. But society is slow to adapt and we believe healing should be available for all, right now. And by working with those who have not just dedicated their lives but generation upon generation to facilitating these experiences, the Institute of Ancestral Ceremonies is able to provide a safe, sacred, and authentic experience to those who seek.

Under guidance of master healers, we work with the following