spiritual development for a modern world


We envision a world where individuals are fully empowered to bring about holistic healing and transformative change for themselves, nature, and all our relations through the unification of ancestral ceremonial practices and modern integrative modalities, resulting in a harmonious relationship between all as one.


If you would like to participate in one of our future retreats, please let us know and register your interest.


Wixarika Peyote Retreat – Colorado Springs

With Don Modesto Rivera and Eva Evers

June 7 - 10, 2024
Colorado Springs

Indiginous American Peyote Retreat – Colorado

With Wikan Wakan Wie and Eva Evers

September 13 - 16, 2024
South Park County, Colorado

Honoring the sacred nature of ancestral ceremonies and the expert guidance of those that dedicated their lives to this over many generations, we aim to bridge ancient wisdom with modern transformational practices by offering safe and accessible experiences for spiritual development aimed at fostering long-lasting results and empowering you to live a life you want to live.



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Lucy Dawson
    Lucy Dawson


    Sitting in ceremony under the trusted supervision of the Institute of Ancestral Ceremonies was a life changing experience. Their understanding of the medicines and respect for the ancient traditions gave me strength to truly go deep into my transformative healing journey. I felt safe, supported and I am extremely grateful for their wisdom and generosity. I would recommend their programs to anyone wishing to explore their consciousness within a safe and responsible environment.

    Thomas Maremma
      Thomas Maremma


      I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Institute of Ancestral Ceremonies on multiple occasions and there’s a clear before and after. Working with such sacred medicines in ancestral ways has been remarkable. Today, I’m much more in tune with my life. I’ve gained a deeper understanding of who I am and how the world around me works. I feel like there’s been a huge breakthrough and I’ve started to peel back the layers that are enabling me to trust the universe and lead from my heart, not from my head. I feel like I’m in a different energetic field that’s attracting the abundance that exists in the world and I’ve found an ally in a greater divine source that is guiding me and connecting me with the greater good.

      Kevin Delie
        Kevin Delie


        My experience with the Institute of Ancestral Ceremonies' Seri retreat was nothing short of transformational. It was the most powerful spiritual experience of my life, it clarified my path toward a life of purpose, and it has enhanced my everyday experience of life as a human. Eva and her team are true professionals, offering guidance and instilling confidence every step of the way. I feel hugely grateful that life led me to the Institute of Ancestral Ceremonies.

          Dan K


          I had the honor of working with Hugo, Agder and Eva for 2 magical private psilocybin ceremonies in Costa Rica. They were a perfect team working together and truly made me feel special. I have never worked with 3 more caring people who truly had a genuine interest in my well being and getting the most out of my healing journey. They made me feel so special by fully making themselves available for 3 days of questions and feedback to really understand what I was processing before, during and after ceremony. I tear up thinking about what good people they are and I feel so lucky to have found them. I have never felt the bliss and inner peace that I was able to achieve in this ceremony. The wisdom I connected to through my higher self was something I have been searching for my entire life. I dont think I could have achieved what I achieved without the structure of these ancestral ceremonies. You healed me in a way I knew was possible, but it was your love and medicine experience that allowed it all to happen.

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